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                VIP-HB06 Power Bank
                • VIP-HB06 Power Bank
                • VIP-HB06 Power Bank
                • VIP-HB06 Power Bank
                • VIP-HB06 Power Bank

                VIP-HB06 Power Bank

                power bank for cell phone

                Power Bank Packing Details:

                Color: white

                Connectors: PSP pins, Nokia DC2.0 pins, mini USB pins, micro USB pins, Samsung pins, LG pins, Sony Ericsson pins, Apple pins, DC3.5 charging cable, power adapter
                1 pc /blister box packing

                Power Bank Charging:

                1. Blue Indicator Light: The mobile device is to be charging

                2. Red Indicator Light:  is to be charging

                3. Indicator Light off: powerbank full charged

                4. There’re 2 basic methods to charge power bank      1) You can use the Power Adapter to Charge it; 2)You can use CPU USB interface to charge it

                5. If you find  power bank which charging function cannot work, pls check whether the wire is normal & firm or not; the Power Adapter is matched or not.

                6. Pls use our products or good brand’s adaper to charge it.


                1. Super multi cell phone charging station: with our ingenious adapters, you can conveniently recharge your mobile phone or other 3C consumer products anytime and anywhere.

                2. Emergency battery travel charger: When your digital device has no power, it can be an emergency charger to solve your urgent needs, support you enjoy your telephone, business, music, games….

                3. Strong mobile phone charger: We equip 8 kinds of different connectors, so it can be used for most of mobile phones, such as Apple, LG, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Sony…

                4. Powerful external backup power supply: In-built high capacity Li-on battery, it can support you for a long time.

                5. Intelliget battery management: The built-in protection circuit & automatic buck-boost circuit, can prevent overcharge, over-discharge, over-current and short circuit and. Furthermore, the product has a special protection design against high temperature, to ensure your absolute safe.

                6. All in one battery charger: Communication Digital Devices with DC-5V Input.( used for: Mobile phone, Digital camera, PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4, IPod, IPad, DV, GPS, bluetooth headset and other digital items.)

                7. Power bank with Dual outputs can charge two digital devices at the same time, more efficiently

                  Warm prompt:


                  1. Use the device according to the safety instruction. Failure to follow in instructions might lead to fire or damage to the device.

                  2. Do not drop, short circuit, disassemble, or operate under high temperature conditions and water.

                  3. Pls stop using it immediately, if the device or the battery swells or become malformed.

                  4. Pls keep it out of the reach of children, intended for adult only.

                  5. Before charging to the digital devices, pls check the cable and adapter carefully.

                  6. If power bank cannot charge, it may be misused in connecting the device, resulting in short circuit protection startup by the built-IC. Pls charge power bank, the protection can be lifted, and then it can be used normally.

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